Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Is Berkeley Not West Bay 1994

1994- I loved the Modern Methods compilation, "This Is Boston Not L.A." I loved the new crop of East Bay punk bands and chose 4 of my favorites for a take-off on that compilation called "This Is Berkeley Not West Bay."

AFI, Black Fork, Dead And Gone, and Screw 32 were the bands, and this record was the 1st vinyl for 3 of the 4 bands- I believe AFI had 1 previous 7-inch. We had a record release show at 924 Gilman for the release with all 4 bands playing that was a blast. The bands were all active and touring so they helped spread the word about each other and Subterranean Records helped distribute the 7-inch to stores across the planet.

Zafio pressed 2 identical black vinyl pressings then. The 1st was 2,000 copies, the 2nd was 1,000 copies. After those were gone, that was it (I thought) for the Zafio version of the EP.

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